Tyler and I met one drunken night at a bar in his town that I had never been in before, and I was there with another guy lol.  Gave him my
number on a keno slip and we've been together for 3 years now.  We took a weekend "vacation" to Michigans Upper Penninsula, which we love.  
He proposed to me on the balcony of our motel room overlooking Lake Huron on May 18, 2007.  He pulled the ring from behind his back and said
"So, what do you say?" No knee, no will you marry me, just the way I like it, non traditional.

Well, the wedding all started when a friend and I went dress shopping.  I came out wearing a poofy barbie dress and she laughed at me and said
it looked nice (jokingly).  So, that was the first and last dress I ever tried on.  I had thought about having a camouflage dress, but wasn't
sure how to go about it. My aunt gave me a dress makers phone number that she was really good friends with and when I called her she refused
to make it.  This woman was thoroughly convinced that camouflage was some type of heavy fabric and not the print on the fabric? Yea I don't
understand either, because the fabric I picked out was t-shirt material almost lol.  At the time, my previous employer was Joann Fabrics, and
I worked with a girl who's mom made a lot of clothing.  So, when I talked to her mom, she was very trilled to make my dress.  She had only made
1 other wedding dress before, but my dress was pretty basic and so I had no worries.

So, now that we are for sure in the outdoor theme all sorts of ideas started flying around ... custom cake, large deer racks on the head table,
Boones Farm, and shots at the door with a shotglass you could keep.  Although I did have my rules for people who were involved ... NO WHITE!
lol Lets be real here, the "meaning" of white is pretty well pointless at weddings anymore these days.  The floral was amazing.  I went into the
shop and described my wedding to the lady and she had many ideas from the get go, including pheasant feathers.  I wanted cattails and daisies,
very country.  Tyler would pick me daisies off the side of the road, some with roots still hanging off of them.  He would always tell me, "thank
god your favorite flower I can go pick in the wild instead of wasting money on them.  So, that means it means more then, right? Cause I
actually went out and picked them?" Hilarious!  Gotta love the country boys.  

Well, as far as the rest of the bridal party, We did a camo ties for the guys and the girls had green dresses.  Tyler also had the camo ties but
also a camp vest, making us the cooler lookin'

As we were doing our vows, Tyler kept making faces at me and I was trying my hardest not to bust out laughing.

At the reception,  we were greeted by the romantic sounds of AC/DC.  Our first song was John Michael Montgomery "I Love the Way You Love
Me".  We chose a John Michael song because the weekend he proposed to me was a weekend we had gone to the casino for his concert.  And of
course our bridal party danced to Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places".  
by: Tiffany Radka
May 30, 2009
On our way to the reception hall, we
weren't about to waste money on a
limo seeings how our bridal party
consisted of 22 people.  So, we
traded a limo for a good 'ole
fasioned hay ride!  We gave out
personalized shot glasses at the
door, they had our names, date and a
bucks head on them in a camo green
color.  All the bridal party had their
own bottles of Boones Farm.
Very classy!
in the group.  It was actually an interesting
day.  I was not nervous at all.  I think having
the casual wear that you want, camouflage
wedding that everyone thought was the coolest
thing, made it easy.  Everyone kept asking me if
I was freaking out, I was far from it.   We got
married on September 27, 2008.  I had my dad
walk me down the isle.  Our main bonding time is
going to rock concerts and we always get drunk
and have our saying to each other.  So, my very
last words to dad before I got married
were,"Who rocks?" dad says, I reply "Dads and
daughters rock!"  Now we walk down the isle
Since my sister and her boyfriend
were killed in a car accident,
it was important for them
to be there as well.  
I had 2, 3-tier stands placed on
both sides of the alter, kind of
representing their place in
line with the bridal party.
Each stand had a photo of them,
a memory candle
and a floral arrangement.